Matching techniques and application classification of protective film Die-cutting
- 2019-03-26-

Protective film Die-cuttingWhat are the categories?

According to glue classification: Silicone, acrylic, PU

Classification by base material: PE, CPP, PET, PI

Silicone and acrylic cover film The biggest difference between the two is the movement change, at the same time silicone cover film can not be used for silicon-containing products, because of the long bonding time will appear "bite to death" phenomenon;

PU cover film is between acrylic and silica gel between a cover film, important use in the glass, cover plate. Features are not to drop powder, stability, small movement change, no residue;

And in ordinary ordinary we are less fighting CPP cover film The biggest feature is the substrate soft, important use in the bending department, PI cover film is resistant to high temperature function, commonly used in electroplating and so on.

What are the areas of use of cover membranes?

The utilization scale of the cover film is very extensive, the most rare of which is the mobile phone glass cover, process shipping cover, course cover, the use of the product field has mobile phone screen, cover plate, parts bearing, foam die-cutting, graphite die-cutting, nano-crystal ferrite die-cutting.

The most commonly used in this cover plate is PU, acrylic cover film, because silicone cover film will produce ghost results, so rarely used in the cover plate; but silicone cover film is often used for foam, graphite, nano-crystal ferrite die-cutting, due to silicone cover film sticky Movement change is small, do not drop powder.

Protective film Die-cuttingWhat is the role of the field of utilization?

In the usual ordinary die-cutting basin, we are most commonly used to acrylic cover film todi, waste discharge function, we roughly estimate can reach 80 million square meters/month of input, and is commonly used in glass cover plate on the double-layer cover film, to reach 100.02 billion square meters/month of input ; Finally, the silicone cover film can reach 500.08 billion square meters/month input.

How do you determine the stakes of the cover film?

We can determine the interests of the cover film through the fundamental test and the use of test two methods, the fundamental test is important including viscous, double 85 and hundred knife three test methods, the use of testing is in accordance with the use of the cover film needs to make decisions, the most important thing is based on the object to stop the determination.

What is the market for the sea cover film?

Cover film in our sea important this in East China, South China two large chunks, in the East China before the important rendezvous in the Ghouta area, but now slowly to Changzhou, Yancheng, Wuxi and other places to move, in South China is an important rendezvous to Dongguan, Huizhou, Heyuan. Now the domestic market basin 6+5 silicone cover film manufacturers have more than 100.

What are the products of our Creator's new information?

At present, we create a new material plan 18 coated wiring, 6 do acrylic single layer cover film, 3 lines do acrylic double layer, 2 lines to do silicone monolayer, 2 lines to do silicone double-decker, 2 lines to do the film, 1 lines to do PU cover film, 2 lines to do OPP cover film, comprehensive coverage of the industry to use a variety of examples.

What is the upper hand of this information in the profession? How do you treat these upper hand?

① large-scale basin, low price;

② invoke the basin technology of the ancestors of the sea, the product cost-effective;

③ work matching fast, to Changzhou for the coating basin base, in Gu Su, Changshu, Dongguan set up trafficking, rewinding, sub-strip, packaging in one of the office, and Planning in Xiamen, Chongqing and other places to establish a week-like Office center;

④ self-adhesive glue, stable function, can be customized to the basin lessons.

In the usualProtective film Die-cuttingWhat are the use pain points of the homework process cover film? How is our creator new material to avoid?

① we will provide data collocation of the preferred choice plan, processing rare die-cutting in the basin data collocation of the defective results;

② viscous instability, we will start from the original data hands-on, such as substrate, glue selection, the choice of better, more stable raw materials, finally we from the process to stop control, improve the stability of the cover film.