How to solve the quality problems in the process of die-cutting processing?
- 2019-03-14-

    Die-cutting processing plantIn our days actually gave us a lot of consequences, but the application of die-cutting machinery to end this lesson, there will be some minor problems, it and our other equipment is not the same, only the problem is equal to the unusual amateur, but also need our amateur skills staff to end the check after the talent end repair homework, In order to We can perhaps in the ordinary homework more convenient patching die-cutting processing equipment, the above a few difficult are the rarest, now the planning to allow us to further study.

First, to deal with the commodity bottom paper in the appearance of flushing or continue sharpen state
Weekday state, in the end die-cutting processing, the appearance of this kind of state is mainly two states, one is all the punching weather, two equals the department's punching, the first need to understand is equal to the application of the mold on the knife is not sharp enough, there is equal to the need to check the die-cutting machine in the homework when the pressure is unstable If the pressure is unstable, it is necessary to put the mechanical end of the homework, after conditioning to end the inspection of mechanical pressure stability, and to deal with the Department of the problem of punching, should check the lessons need to see if the department is pad equipment too many, on weekdays the tape only need to pad two layers, can also perhaps select some comparable hard pad template, Like electric planks or acrylic plates and so on.
Second, die-cutting processing of the goods have a deformed state
Deformation may be due to tension control, in order to end the processing must pay attention to the mold processed into the commodity standards are checked, or perhaps check whether the application of the pad cotton is suitable, especially the problem of tension control, must pay attention to, If the applied material tension can not make the processed goods have shortened weather, so in the die-cutting processing of the goods will appear deformation.
Third, the processing of small edges and other goods, there is a state of product deformation
Some people have to ask, it does not say that now has been the first to allow such a state, how to open it? Originally small side goods appear deformation and large items appear deformation is not the same, in order to be our separate to allow a bit, because the processing of the product margins are very small, in the die-cutting process will be applied to the punching method, and the shortcomings of such methods are equal to the standard is not good control, Such as positioning ban or production into the goods have displacement and other meteorological, in order to prevent small side examples of the product deformation, may be the need for the standard planting in the mold to do the test, there is no problem to end the processing.