Connection method of various materials for double-sided adhesive die Cutting
- 2019-03-11-

    One of the things we often encounter in our daily actual production is about the way materials are connected. After each volume of material has been used, we need to reconnect the material to continue the production operation.

So forMagnetic material die-cuttingThe handling of connectors is also skillful. Good feeding method can effectively reduce the loss of undesirable products, at the same time, skilled and reliable feeding method can effectively guarantee production and reduce the time of feeder feeding. Here are a few tips for the material connectors in our daily assignments to give you a brief introduction.

First, die-cutting processing feed commonly used materials:

1, double-sided glue, silicone tape, OPP tape; double-sided adhesive generally choose viscous relatively good double-sided adhesive, the joint is firm, can withstand the impact of normal pull tension. Mainly for foam cotton thicker material feed use.

2, silicone tape, this kind ofDouble-sided adhesive die-cuttingCan resist the off-type effect of off-type paper, generally used for the use of off-type materials. OPP tape, thin thickness, generally more common use of feed, material prices are ubiquitous everywhere, easy to access.

Second, die-cutting processing common feeding tools:Scissors, rulers, etc. There is not much introduction here.

Third, die-cutting processing common feeding methods:

1, cut the same width of the double-sided glue length of 10MM or so, paste on the side of the double-sided adhesive (from the top down to the flat), and then affixed to the other end, the details are aligned from the edge and then down, and then tighten the whole roll double-sided glue check whether the balance, as one side loose side tight, prove The connector is then affixed with different colors of tape to prevent the joint from flowing into the product. In other cases, if you need to pull the off-type paper together, then put the connector on the back and then paste a glue.

2, PET, PVC Protective film (two layers and multilayer) connection, in the bottom of the product affixed with a 10MM sealing glue than the product length of 1/2, and then from one side of the product to the flat down and then put the excess cut, and then re-affixed on both sides of the 1/4 sealing glue, and then the two sides of the 1/4 box glue cut offHydrogel die-cuttingProtective film in the middle and then affixed to the product of 1/2 of the sealing glue, so that convenient punching, punching directly after the scrap can be pulled up, to avoid downtime!

3, with the hole of the connection method, I believe that many people are directly connected, to the joint is a set of not allowed to rush, this is wrong. Correctly, attach 10MM of sealing glue at the bottom of the material is 1/5 longer than the edge of the material, then pick up the other end, push the hole position forward to the top two holes, hole to the hole, four pairs are pressed tight, and then cut the excess part, cut the edge of 1/5, so that you can set the punch directly across!