Production requirements for die-cutting of die-cutting accessories shielding materials for mobile phones
- 2019-03-11-

Foam Cotton andBubble cotton die-cuttingIs a polymer with many small bubble holes, solid phase is polymer matrix, small bubble hole filled with other gases, foaming magnification is low, high density.As a mobile phone accessories in the mobile phone role: to the electronic components and chassis contact with the place of shock absorption, cushioning, decompression, to prevent the crushing of electronic components (as a shock pad use).

1, the commonly used range:

①LCD foam cotton ② camera foam cotton ③ horn foam cotton ④ horn rear sound cavity seal foam cotton ⑤ motor foam cotton ⑥ connector pressing foam cotton

2, foam cotton-the selection of materials,Foam cotton-selection of special materials:

Because the foam cotton is thicker, softer, in order to prevent the paste after the extrusion deformation caused by the foam cotton exposed, the area of the larger LCD foam unilaterally reserved 0.2mm, the gap between the box to leave more than 0.5mm,Magnetic material die-cuttingAnd smaller size of the camera foam cotton, horn foam cotton, motor foam unilaterally reserved more than 0.1mm, the middle reserved more than 0.2mm.

3. Precautions for assembly of foam cotton

4, engineering drawings need to indicate the technical requirements:

① material and detailed specifications, Brand;

② foam edge must be washed neatly without burrs

Thickness size in ④ figure is pre-compression size

The ③ diagram must have a key control size, and the "*" should be added to the front;

⑤ scrap is retained and must be clearly marked

When the ⑥ comes to the goods, it is necessary to carry out the actual matching inspection with the corresponding fittings;

⑦ if it is a guest, specify "This is the guest feed".

5, conductive cloth (conductive foam)-the choice of functions and materials:

Function: Make the hardware decorative parts connected with the motherboard, prevent electrostatic burnout of the motherboard, conductive cloth and conductive foam effect of the same, but conductive foam is the metal decorative parts and the host directly connected down, if encountered structural restrictions and can not use conductive foam, should use conductive cloth.

6, conductive cloth and conductivePrecision Die Cutting-Production Requirements:

The adhesive made of conductive cloth is conductive adhesive, the length is customized by the structure limit, and the width fit bit gap is reserved unilaterally for 0.1mm.

The length should not be too long (not more than 1mm), because too long conductive foam after assembly will be squeezed to connect with the other parts of the motherboard.

7, conductive foam cotton-engineering drawings need to be noted in the technical requirements:

① die-cutting parts of the edge neat, must not have obvious fiber and fine debris residue, assembly must not have the phenomenon of drawing;

② conductive foam cotton single-sided glue range can not be greater than the rubber surface, in order to prevent glue will be the entire surface and hardware insulation;

The ③ diagram must have a key control size, and to add "*" to the front,

The size of ④ conductive foam is the size before extrusion;

⑤ if it is a guest, specify "This is the guest feed".