Application of die-cutting products in automobile field
- 2019-03-14-

1, damping aluminum foil tape die-cutting products,Protective film Die-cuttingProducts, foam tape seals bonding products die-cutting machine
2, rearview mirror seat layout adhesive tape die-cutting products
3, special parts of the sound-absorbing data die-cutting products
4, the car display LCD, VCD, DVD with die-cutting products, used in the vehicle parts transfer tape die-cutting products, all kinds of interior parts bonding tape die-cutting products
5, cover buffer data die-cutting products, roof layout sealing tape and other data die-cutting products
Device Products: The use of double-sided tape, foam tape, transfer tape, anti-plasticizer double stable tape, can reduce the fog of the tape, after the point, die-cutting can be used in automotive parts. Such as: instrument disk, lamp shell, decorations, etc., the substantive device is faster, simpler and more accurate.
Noise reduction and damping: between metal parts and plastic parts, between plastic parts and plastic parts, metal parts and metal parts, affixed with foam cotton, blankets, anti-scratch textiles, such as molded products, in order to play a noise reduction and damping impact.
Interior and cushioning: All kinds of neoprene, foam and silicone data, through the process of detailed die-cutting, used in decorative parts, doors and roofs and other parts.
Other uses: Car label device, anti-low temperature spraying masking paper, Safety airbag seal, speaker cover, temporary cover gall and so on.

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