The role of protective film die cutting products
- 2019-06-11-

The application of die-cutting products in our daily life is very wide, such as: double-sided plastic die-cutting products, precision die-cutting products, etc., the most important thing in each die-cutting processing factory is the protective film die-cutting process, but Nowadays people know very little about it. Here is the Xiaobian of Shenzhen China Photoelectric Co., Ltd. to summarize the role of protective film die-cutting products:

The protective film die cutting process is one of them. The protective film is made of polyethylene plastic film as the substrate, cross-linked polyacrylic resin as the adhesive, and then added with a variety of special auxiliary additives. Glue has no color, it is transparent like water, no mottled color, soft and can reach the viscosity we want quickly. It has a wide range of protection for various materials. Different types of protective film can be selected according to the surface of different materials. , viscosity and specifications.

The appearance of mobile phone protective film has made the die-cutting processing industry develop more rapidly. The protective film of mobile phone is the most common one in our daily life. The protective film produced by die-cutting can make our mobile phone play a better protection role.

The die-cutting process of the mobile phone protective film is very simple, that is, the protective film is die-cut according to the size of the mobile phone, and it is attached to the mobile phone, so that not only can the screen of our mobile phone be well protected, but also the display of our mobile phone. His novelty makes it reflect the perfect design and achieve a variety of film design. This is the effect of die-cutting of mobile phone protective film, so that people with mobile phones will no longer worry about the wear and tear of mobile phones.

The protective film die-cutting products are not only used in mobile phone protective film, but also can be used on electronic products such as computer screens, metal products, automotive products, plastic products, surface products, surface products, and so on.

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