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What are the main die-cut materials for die-cutting processing plants?
- 2019-05-21-

The die-cutting processing plant is a long-established industry. This industry is very competitive both in China and in foreign countries. The die-cutting industry has developed more in China than in foreign countries for many years, but its development after the reform and opening up is very rapid, and the types of materials that can be used for die-cutting are also very diverse.

Material of the main die-cutting processing plant :

1. Optical film: optical film (polarizing film, diffusion film, brightness enhancement film, reflective film, brightening composite film, light guiding film, optical protective film); hardening film/scratch film/anti-penetration film/explosion-proof film/ Anti-glare film, IMD film, ITO film, OCA optical adhesive and other touch screen / display film.

2, adhesive categories: double-sided adhesive, electronic tape (polyimide tape, etc.), PE, PET, OPP protective film / protective tape, labels, metal foil (copper foil, aluminum foil) tape, foam, etc. and release Membrane/paper;

3, shielding categories: conductive foam, conductive cloth, copper foil, aluminum foil, copper foil Mylar, aluminum foil Mylar and other EMI materials;

4, insulation: PET / PC / PVC film, fire fast paper, green paper, kraft paper, mica film, etc.;

5, heat conduction: thermal conductive graphite film, thermal silica film, thermal double-sided adhesive, thermal insulation silicone, thermal phase change materials, etc.

6. Dust-proof: high-density sponge, filter cotton, dust-proof net, cotton pad, ventilation filter, non-woven fabric, etc.;

7, anti-shock: foam, sponge, foam rubber, PORON, EVA, back to the plastic and absorbing, sound insulation and other electronic die-cut materials.

At present, the materials used in die-cutting processing plants are different in hardness and hardness, and their material properties are still different. The die-cutting tools required are also different. In our daily life, the three main die-cutting methods used are steel die-cutting, die-cutting, and laser die-cutting.